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Sonya Andrews as Antwoman

This was my Mardi Gras masquerade costume for 2013/2014. It is both a tribute to the Rolling Stones’ album, “Metamorphosis”, AND to Robyn Hitchcock’s song, “Antwoman”. Note: Hotglueing rhinestones – not as fun as you might think.

Howdy! I’m Sonya Andrews. I’m the one responsible for creating all the artwork you see on this site. I also have a small creative services company, Paunya: Design, Photography & Illustration, that I run with my husband Paul Andrews.

I love a lot of things in this life — there is so much to see and do and learn — but one of the things I love most is drawing and painting. In much of my work I combine my love of typography, mythology, symbolism, cryptozoology, story-telling, nature, dreams and memory.

I have long been interested in folk tales, mythology, cultural history and the way humanity has interpreted the natural world and expressed themselves creatively — through visual art, music, literature — since the advent of recorded history to the present day. Even though I spend a lot of time mulling over long-dead authors’ and artists’ works, I’m not one to eschew modern cultural output. I’m always curious about how people continue to create and change despite the fact that we only have so many bits (on the atomic level) from which to fabricate any given thing. We might say the same things, but we keep finding different ways to say them. That’s just wonderful as far as I’m concerned.

I graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a BA in Studio Art with a graphic design emphasis. Attending a liberal arts college allowed me to pursue a lot of subjects that I would not have otherwise been able to at an art school; specifically science, literature, Spanish language, and American history courses. After graduating I knew that ultimately I wanted to own my own business, primarily creating artwork but also doing print design and web design work.

I currently live and work in my home town of Kansas City, Missouri, where I enjoy the company of my most darling husband and three rottweilers. When I’m not painting, coding, designing or doing the dreaded accounting and filing, I am likely off on some adventure or another — rocking and rolling, scuba diving, boating down the Missouri river, running through the forest, fighting crime… I keep very busy.

Oh, and I make music sometimes too. If you’re bored, you can follow my noodlings on SoundCloud or check out these bands that I was in at one fine point in history:

The Afterparty