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Boston Terrier Portrait: Tank, aka Himsmostpretty

Having just posted the painting of Ruby, it occurred to me that I also have this painting of Tank (aka Himsmostpretty) that I did for my friend Emily Sloan. Tank was a beloved Boston Terrier and I always enjoyed seeing her posting about Tanks various adventures and doings on facebook. Now I get to enjoy the adventures of The Dingo, the dog she adopted last 4th of July. The Dingo is very pretty, but Tank was “most pretty”.

Himsmostpretty Boston Terrier


RIP Ruby the Pitbull

A friend of mine’s pitbull, Ruby, passed away earlier this year, so I made a little painting of her to commemorate her life.

I don’t usually do pet portrait commissions, but will do this sort of thing for close friends and family from time to time, when I can get it worked into my schedule. I didn’t have a chance to scan this, so all I have is this kinda blurry iPhone photo. Sorry ’bout that.

Ruby the Pitbull


Rodan Ranch

Rodan Ranch product label

Artwork for Rodan Ranch product labels.

The next couple of weeks has me doing a lot of illustrations as well as my usual graphic design and web work. Since the illustration projects are not just for my own amusement, I thought I would get a little practice in by finishing up the label artwork for my mom’s farm, Rodan Ranch. It’s one of those projects that I agreed to do “when I have time” about a year ago. Since then, my mom’s beloved great dane, Rammstein, passed away at the well-earned age of 13. I wanted to do something to honor his life and my mom and step-dad’s love for their very first (and so far, only) dog together.

The original label drawing had a nice little arched space at the bottom that was left blank so that my mom could hand-write things like “elderberry wine” and “mystery pickles” on the various types of farm produce that she cans, dries and ferments.

Now let’s just get your first question out of the way: “Why didn’t you use the monster Rodan in any of your artwork!? Are you BLIND to the obvious!?”

Yes, yes, I know. Rodan is totally awesome and would make a great farm mascot considering the name of their farm is Rodan Ranch. I asked my mom about this and she was firmly of the opinion that, despite her great love for old cheesy sci-fi movies, there should be no Rodan monsters in the label artwork. Mom gets what Mom wants.

So, after I finished the original illustration for the label and scanned and cleaned the artwork, I decided to backfill the white space with her dog and one of their farm cats (could be Custard or Mustard – I don’t keep track of the cats and they usually hide when I’m visiting). The plan is to get the final piece matted and framed for them and then I used the digital scans to create some fabric at and will be making some cute decorative throw pillows or tote bags for family.

So there you have it. Rodan Ranch!

I’ve got some exciting concept art for a children’s book coming up soon, a commission painting, an EP release poster for David George and a Crooked Mile, and a benefit event poster and invitation for Camp Encourage. Stay tuned!



So, one of the nearby neighborhoods to mine has a couple of facebook community group pages – one for crime watch and lost pets and another for general community conversation. Recently, a large percentage of the posts are about people finding the same dog roaming loose over and over again. His name is Pepper. Everyone in the neighborhood really likes Pepper, but no one wants to see the poor pup get hit by a car or suffer some other mishap, so people take Pepper in on what seems to be a weekly basis. He always gets returned to his owner, but the owner isn’t very good about keeping Pepper from escaping again.

Some neighbors have suggested Pepper needs his own adventure story and others are just hopeful that Pepper will find a new home with a more responsible owner. Since Pepper’s been on my mind lately, I thought I’d do a little illustration of him. I know you all are waiting impatiently for my next Person, Place, Thing, and I promise that is coming soon. Probably tomorrow.

But for now… here’s Pepper 🙂

Pepper the Dog of West Plaza