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Throwback Thursday: Chickens of the Sea

Chickens of the Sea ©2000 Sonya Andrews

Chickens of the Sea ©2000 Sonya Andrews

So I went through a bunch of my old artwork last weekend in an attempt to sort out what things were unfinished pieces and what things were orphan artworks that had yet to be placed in a loving home. I came across this cover I painted while I was in college for a pretend zine that never happened and that I had never really had any intention of creating. I just wanted to make the cover for it as I was inspired to paint some chickenfish.

The marketing concept of “chicken of the sea” as advertised by, well, the Chicken of the Sea seafood company, had always sounded ridiculous and hilarious to me. I envisioned all these chickenfish cavorting in the ocean — some of them fat and googly eyed like a Oranda goldfish, others flapping out of the water and soaring through the air like a cross between Camilla the Muppet chicken and a flying fish.

Maybe one day I will create an illustrated book of all the different varieties of chickenfish that I’ve imagined. I don’t suppose I can really call it Chicken of the Sea, though. I suppose that’s probably a trademark infringement. At any rate, if you’d like your own chickenfish branded item, I’ve got them up on Zazzle and Redbubble – just the chickenfish, no text.

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Throwback Thursday: Kansas Cityscape

Kansas Cityscape

Kansas Cityscape ©Sonya Andrews, acrylic on canvas

I painted this cityscape of Kansas City when I was in college. Basically, I collaged images of different Kansas City buildings and landmarks together and painted my own “memoryscape”. Conceptually, what I wanted to convey was what I see when I close my eyes and think of Kansas City. I don’t really think of individual specific scenes, but rather a surreal amalgam of different buildings that hold a specific significance or that have simply stuck in my mind due to proximity and repetition.

I photographed each building and then created I layout I liked in Photoshop. Then I printed that out and projected it onto a canvas and traced the basic outlines of the buildings. I painted according to my own whims and added some people in the foreground. I did a few paintings like this and would like to return to this theme again at some point, but maybe using my current style.