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PPT: Nicolas Cage, Rembrandt Painting, Mix Tape

Nicolas Cage, Rembrandt, Mix Tape

“Nicolas Cage, Rembrandt Painting, Mix Tape” — the next installment in my Person Place Thing series. You can read all about the complete story behind this in my previous post where I posted the original line art. If you are unfamiliar with my Person Place Thing series, I ask people at random for a person, place, and a thing and I create an illustration based on the answers I get. It’s a great exercise for creating narrative and focus. It’s creative and challenging and I enjoy the surprised faces of those who’ve made the suggestions, not knowing why I’m asking.

I tried to make this a regular part of my facebook page, but I was barraged by too many suggestions from people who knew what the game was. It wasn’t as fun this way, so I’ve reverted to only asking people who know nothing about this project.

You might wonder how a Rembrandt painting is a place, but the person I asked replied, “Inside a Rembrandt painting.” What I love about this project is that you’re never really sure what people are going to say, so I was pretty excited when the “place” was more conceptual and fantastic. I had to search for just the right painting to reference that would incorporate the mix tapes in a way that seemed natural as well as silly. I am pretty pleased with the result!

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