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It’s a Good Thing this Ship isn’t at Sea

…or actually a ship. No. It is just a website. I set my launch date for today, my birthday, but have fallen somewhat short. I’ve gone ahead and removed the “Coming Soon” mode (no, but I DO wish it had been the little animated digging worker “under construction” gif because “totes retro”—don’t think I didn’t hear you thinking that). Now you can see the site in all its mostly unstyled glory.

Normal client work, preparing for tax time, and other piles of paperwork have been hindering my progress here, but I’ll be continuing to work on the site this week and should have all prints set up properly for purchase by NEXT FRIDAY, March 7th. I’ll also have exciting news on how to participate in the Person, Place, Thing project. And I will likely have gotten all the styling finished so the images are displaying in a more appealing fashion.

At any rate, I hope you’ll stop back by next week for the updates. In the mean time I’ll keep blogging new (and old) artwork here or you can follow me on ye olde facebook or twitter.


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