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How Wilma and I Got Around


“How Wilma and I Got Around” is part of a series of paintings illustrating stories from my grandmother’s life. Each print includes the accompanying story as told by my grandmother. The story behind “How Wilma and I Got Around” is as follows:

“My best friend was Wilma. We spent many hours together as young teenagers. When I was about 12, my parents let me take my savings to Des Moines when I went to visit Aunt Ava. My dad gave me a check and taught me how to write it. He instructed me that I could write the check for the amount over my savings that a bicycle would cost. I came home from my Des Moines visit with a new bike!

Wilma and I traveled all around town on that bike. I got tired of doing all the leg work, so I devised a way one summer to have Wilma use some of her leg power, too. I put my right foot on the left pedal and had Wilma put her left foot on the right pedal. Each of us put our hands on the handlebars, but I controlled them. Neither of us could sit. There we were, each standing on one foot with the other leg dangling. When one of us was up, the other was down. Now Wilma and I were sharing the effort of hauling us around. We thought nothing of our strange riding arrangement. It worked for us and we pedaled all over town.

One day a salesman who traveled the Harrison and Mercer county territory came into the restaurant [that my parents owned]. He told mother he had seen the most bizarre sight — two girls pedaling the same bicycle, one up, the other down, alternately. I’ve never seen it done by anyone else in my 80 years.”


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Each print is hand-signed and numbered by me, the artist. These prints are open-edition, which means that there is no limit on the amount that may be printed. I do offer limited edition hand-embellished prints of some, but not all, of my artworks. To see my available limited edition hand embellished prints, click here.

All Fine Art Prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308g archival paper. This smooth, natural-white, 100 percent rag-based paper is specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers or artists using digital photographic output. While some papers are chosen due to surface characteristics, Photo Rag is popular because it intrudes the least. The coated side of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance (but please – frame your prints properly – no using them for drink coasters!).

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