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“Person, Place, Thing” Illustration Series

Archangel of Office Supplies

This is the Archangel of Office Supplies, illustrated from the suggestion of “Some shirtless guy, the Vatican, and a swingline stapler”. I did this while waiting around during jury duty. This was pretty much the birth of this series.

A few years ago, I started occasionally asking people at random for a person, place and thing. I didn’t explain why I was asking because I wanted the results to be completely unbiased toward their intended use. I meant it as a brain exercise, forcing me to take unrelated things and create a narrative artwork. But now that the website is live, I thought I’d start a new game!

Twice a month on my Facebook Page, I’ll be soliciting suggestions for a Person, Place, Thing illustration. Today I chose from a long list of suggestions (although admittedly they were mostly from one person who, unbeknownst to me, has a suggestion-related OCD of some sort) and picked the winning submission: Mother Theresa, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and a “We’re #1” foam finger. Should have this up next week for your enjoyment.

Next call for suggestions will take place on March 24th, so keep your eyes peeled. Follow me on Facebook, even!

If your suggestion is picked, you’ll get a free signed print of the final illustration. How fun is that!

Side Note: The suggestions I get through the call for suggestions are admittedly skewed toward the intent of being illustrated and I’ve realized that I still like the idea of approaching people that have NO idea why I am asking them for a person, place and thing. I think that I will still do this, but I think I will start targeting interesting and well-known people. This is much easier to do in person, as a phone call where someone picks up, “Hello,” and receives in reply only, “Hi, I need a person, place and thing. Just list them off the top of your head,” is perhaps a little jarring. I suspect a response would be, “Who is this?”

“It’s not important. Just tell me a person, place and thing and I’ll be on my way.”


So I’m not sure how I’ll approach it, but I’m open to suggestions.